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What Is Plain Concrete

The term plain concrete is simply concrete that’s has nothing added, unlike coloured concrete or exposed concrete.

Plain concrete is a mixture of sand and or granite which is combined with cement and water. The cement itself is made from a number of ingredients, such as compounds like calcium, silicon, aluminium as well as iron. This will create a chemical combo that reacts to the water when added. The process is called hydration which then hardens the concrete. 


What Can Plain Concrete Be Used On?

What can’t it be used for? Concrete can be used for a number of things. Driveways, house foundations, paths, landscaping, the list goes on. And unless you’re looking for a type of style and look, such as a pattern or colour look, you can pretty much use plain concrete on any project.

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Using concrete on your driveway is a great way to add value and appeal to your property. A concrete driveway also adds a touch of safety as well. Meaning a gravel or dirt driveway can be slippery when walking on, and also adds the danger element for the kids as the unstable surface can be an issue when wet. Not only that, but a gravel driveway can also damage your car if it has any larger rocks that could chip your car. So if you’re looking for looks, safety and value. Give us a call, we’ll have a driveway option that will best suit your needs.



Again using concrete for a footpath will add that little extra around the yard by adding a sense of functionality to your property. You could go for a plain concrete surface or you could look at a pattern look. Either way, we believe concrete is the way to go. The beauty about a path is you have plenty of options to play with.


Concrete slabs

This is where there’s no compromise. When it comes to needing a solid foundation for either a garage, patio area, a new home, concreting is the only option.

If it’s a slab you need. We have the excavation machinery to first level out the area then prepare the area before we pour the concrete. We are an all in one service.


We offer free quotes on all our work. If your after a professional and reliable Central Coast concreting team give us a call and let’s discuss your concreting project.

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