A  concrete driveway can do a lot to the look of a home. It’s the centerpiece of our home. And there’s no question we want our driveway to look as good as it can.

And that’s exactly what we can achieve for you. If you’re looking to either re-do your existing driveway or lay a new concrete driveway for your Central Coast home we are here to help.Having said that, there are a lot of benefits to a concrete driveway, and that’s what we are going to look into today.

When planning your new driveway there are a few things to think about. The length and the size as well as the functionality of it usually sorts itself out, especially if there’s an existing driveway already there. Things can change if you want to extend the driveway or not.


What does need some consideration is the type of driveway you want. Although we are looking at the benefits of a concrete driveway, the type of driveway can and does play a major role in your decision making. Let’s be fair here. It can be pretty confusing with all the different styles of concreting you can now get.


Although this is a good problem to have, it’s also why there’s a lot of benefits to having a concrete driveway for your Central Coast property. Out of all the materials you can look at for your driveway, In our opinion, and of course we are going to be a little biased. Concrete is the better long-term choice. 

Let’s take a look at the advantages and benefits of using concrete over the other options.

The Advantages With A Concrete Driveway?

Affordability is a big one. Budget always comes into play with anything. Concrete is one of the most affordable materials you can use around the home, especially for a driveway. Think long-term and it always comes out on top.

Concrete is a simple mix of sand, water, gravel and a concrete mix. The good thing is a mix can go a long way. And looking at other materials like pavers and comparing the costs between the two, there is a difference. Labour can be a real killer when using pavers as they can take a bit of time to lay and get right.

We are experienced Central Coast concreters that believe in providing excellence in all our work. We not only provide an excellent product but we value our customers as well. So be sure you are getting the best possible service. We offer free quotes on all concreting work.

A quality and well finished concrete driveway looks amazing. And not only that will last for many years. As I mentioned before there’s a lot involved with laying pavers to seal your driveway. But with concrete. When all the conditions are good and we are ready to go. We pour the concrete, finish it off and let it dry. And before you know it you’ll be good to go.

Some Key Points Of Concrete Driveways 


Durability. Concrete is incredibly durable. All you need to do is look around at all the buildings built with concrete to see the durability of this product. When you build a house the first thing you pretty much do is pour concrete for the foundation. There’s no question concrete is strong.

Driveways need to be tough and strong for obvious reasons. Your car will be using it. And that’s exactly what concrete can offer.

Versatility. Concrete is a very versatile product. It can pretty much go anywhere you want it to go. So you can design the driveway you want. 

Then you have the style of the concrete. You’ve got a number of style options you can choose from. Stamped, coloured, aggregate concrete are just a few options you have available. If you’re unsure of anything we can advise you on the design option we have available. 


The Design Possibilities

As I just mentioned above. One of the biggest benefits or advantages of concrete is the designs available. Let’s take a look at a few.


  • Coloured Concrete. Whether it’s a colour you have added to the concrete or it’s painted on, you have plenty of options. If this is something you want to explore, we’ll be happy to assist with the colour design.
  • Stamped Concrete. This is a method of adding a print finish to the top of the concrete, you can also go for a textured finish. You can go for a brick, slate, stone or even wood finish. You can get the finish you want without the price tag.
  • Exposed Aggregate. This is when you leave the concrete exposed, it’s a great way to add a non-slip finish to your driveway.
  • Stenciled Concrete. This is one way you can have complete design control over how your driveways look. You can take a blank design and create the custom design you want. We can talk about this option when you’re ready to move forward.
  • Plain Concreting. With a quality pour, and a good sealer, a plain concrete driveway looks impressive and is a design element in its own right.


Maintenance. We all lead busy lives and the last thing we want to do is maintenance around the house. Concrete driveways are very low maintenance. A good wash every now and then. Sealing is also another option you can look into to get the most from your driveway.

Comparing that to the maintenance of other materials like pavers and stone where the weeds grow in between them, you have none of that with concrete. Concrete driveways really are the complete package.


When it comes to Central Coast Concrete driveways. We are your team. Give us a call.